High Commander, Goddes Winter
This is winter

Sin Count





Whore Slut Bitch Goddess


too many to even put here



Blood Type

∞- (Infinity Negative)

Nipple radius

it depends

Eye Color


Hair Color




Winter is the Theortical creator of sin and ice, sometimes she is thought of to be an opposite to Splinter.

History Edit

Winter was the original creator of Sin and Ice, she birthed it out of her huge vagina. She lay dormant for 8.3 trillion billion years until she was discovered by a masked figure and taken into the rphere protection group. She was the one to start the revolution against the sleeper agent "Jesse Hicks" and that was the start of the calamity. After that, the Skype agency of "The Anti-Hicks" formed and she was a part of it. That was until, the Level 100 Warrior "Courtney Lee Chick" rose up and framed her and Harry Brogan as sleeper agents, causing them to get kicked out of the Agency. Then some shit happened and like, idk, she got back into the agency and destoryed it from the inside out and now resides in the Non Believers penthouse, she is also a protsitute and survived fighting Couty Hicks with no reprocussions.

Appearance Edit

She's really sexy omg she's also a demon

Lilith by goobone-d9fdx4h

This is a picture of winter wearing clothes, weird right?

Abilities Edit

Winter has lots of cool things she can do

  1. Ice Manipulation
  2. Spontainious Birth to Adult Demons
  3. Charm
  4. Bleeding from eyesockets
  5. Deviantart Inflation Fetish
  6. hah idk lol
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